Easy DIY Hanging Shelves

Y’all.  Nesting is a real thing.  My husband and I have been renovating our bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom for the last couple of months to get ready for our first baby.  The nursery has been kind of on the back burner this whole pregnancy, but we figured being almost 37 weeks is a pretty good time to finally start decorating right??  Even if we were having a girl, I’m convinced our nursery would look exactly the same.  We tend to lean towards a …

My Endometriosis Story | Natural Treatment & Getting Pregnant

If you’re reading this and have endometriosis… YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. There are alternative options. Natural cures are possible.  Most importantly, you are one tough chick. If I can help just one woman through my story, I would go through all the pain over and over again.  I hope you find strength, peace, and optimism through my journey. Keep on keepin’ on:) -Kori

….What Lifestyle?!

Want to read a blog on Ugly Renaissance Babies  Lonely Cheetos  Breaded cats (WHAT!!!!?) Hungover Owls yes those are real blogs (probably making more than I do in my career job!?) There are blogs for L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y everything these days and here we are writing a blog… so why does the world need one more? We’ll give you the short and sweet answer. How many times have you caught yourself in a scrollfest. scrooolllinnng and scrollinggg and then you catch yourself wanting to try a new diet or workout, …