My Endometriosis Story | Natural Treatment & Getting Pregnant

If you’re reading this and have endometriosis…


There are alternative options.

Natural cures are possible.

 Most importantly, you are one tough chick.

If I can help just one woman through my story, I would go through all the pain over and over again.  I hope you find strength, peace, and optimism through my journey.

Keep on keepin’ on:)



  1. Anita Kontilis

    What an informative video – I had no idea about some of this (even after having 4 kids!) Thanks for sharing your experience to help others!

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  3. Edward George

    Hi, I appreciate your story on endometriosis. My wife and I are seeking help in the Texas area. I am wondering if you can help with a referral. We thank you in advance for your help. God bless.

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